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Varieties for 2022

  • German Red * * * L I M I T E D S U P P L Y * * *

  • Music * * * S O L D O U T * * *

  • Phillips * * * L I M I T E D S U P P L Y * * *

  • Russian Red * * * L I M I T E D S U P P L Y * * *

All garlic

  • Can be used for seed or culinary use

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  • Each variety stores well into spring when kept in a cool, dry location

Garlic Pricing

  • Under 10 lbs: $18 / lb

  • 10 lbs and up: $16 /lb

Variety Descriptions

German Red

While adaptable, it is especially well-suited for cold winters. It's bulbs are strong and spicy with a robust flavor, and the cloves are easy to peel, which makes them a favorite for cooks. Bulbs are fairly uniform and have thin, purple-brown skin.

Rocombole hardneck variety; About 7-8 cloves per bulb.


The flavor is good, sweet and pungent. It is an Italian variety brought back to Canada by Al Music in the 1980's from his homeland.

Porcelain hardneck variety; Averages about 4 cloves per bulb.


Named for a town in Maine. Strong rich pungent garlic flavor. The tan exterior skins and purple mottled clove wrappers are more substantial than most Rocamboles; an excellent keeper.

Rocombole hardneck variety; Averages about 6-12 cloves per bulb.

Russian Red

This is another variety that has done very well central Maine location. It has a strong garlic flavor and a warm sweet aftertaste. It is an heirloom variety brought to British Columbia by Doukhobor immigrants from Russia in the early 1900's.

Rocombole hardneck variety; Averages about 7-8 cloves per bulb.